Friday, October 12, 2012

Back to School Limited Ediiton CraveBox Review

I am happy to bring you my review on my first cravebox! Whats a cravebox? Well unlike other subscriptions i am signed up for i am not actually subscribed to this. I receive emails when offers limited edition boxes. If i respond and get chosen i am charged $10-$13 dollars to sample different products from the theme of that box. The theme of my first box was back to school. Due to delayed shipment i received this box completely free! Even if i had paid the $10 dollars this box surpassed the worth of what i would have paid.

The best back to school products you will ever need!

What i received:
Kleenex brand tissues-
These on the go tissues are perfect for my sons runny nose in the crisp cold air. The cute and festive flowers make it look pretty in my purse (which is much nicer than the old lady packets kleenex used to sell!). I love the modern update and the continuous great quality. 

Yummi Bears-
My son is a notoriously picky eater and he doesn't always get his vitamins. These candy like gummie bears give my son his daily dose of vitamins in a fun way! Each child serving is three gummie bears so he can have a few and feel like its a treat and i feel food because i know its good for him. Plus i like them too!

Aloe Vera 100% Gel-
This natural product is great for dry fall skin. When the box first came in my son opened this and began to use it. I felt safe because it is natural and i liked that it made his skin feel softer (he has eczema). This has multiple uses such as for sun burns and also helps with minor cuts. This is great to have in the purse or the stroller.

Bic Pens and Pencils-
I have always been a fan of Bic pens and pencils because they are no nonsense, no thrills, just quality. I love colored pens that are still dark enough to be used to take notes or just to make a fun colored grocery list, or if my son is bored while i am doing my homework and wants to join me in note taking (his scribbles are his notes) at least it can be colorful. The automatic pencils with lead refills are perfect for scan trons and i love that these include erasers since automatic pencils of the past having had this addition.

This spray protects you against airborne germs. This is handy during cold and flu seasons when you are stuck on a stuffy bus or next to a sick classmate (applies to day care). While nothing can fully prevent a cold this is good to help to protect yourself. Every level of prevention is a good level.
Little Pim Spanish at Playtime-
While my son is only 2 years old this is a good way to introduce him to a language since it uses words he knows. Words like hello, goodbye, and introductions aren't physical while circle, blue, and friend are! So even though this is the third in a series my son is able to learn these words.

Information about the products i received along with a coupon for a free lunchable. I haven't found a store that accepts it yet.

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