Saturday, October 13, 2012

Zoya Paloma NYFW Jelly Nail Polish Review and Swatch

I can not express how behind i am! I had planned to post this way back in the beginning of September but kept pushing it back and back and back due to constantly being excited by new things. Now i would love to take the time out to tell you about an amazing nail polish collection that Zoya has/had created for NYFW. To be more precise Zoya released multiple collections for NYFW but this was the most unique to me.

Jelly polishs are very sheer, but they are meant to be. So if you buy this and wonder why after one coat it looks like a tinted clear even though in the bottle it looks quite thick, don't worry nothing is wrong! Jelly shades are meant to be layered. Ever hear of a jelly sammich manicure? Well these are the polishes that you can use to create it. Wait you haven't hear of it? Oh, ok, well all it is is a layer (or two of jelly polish over bare nails, or painted nails, whichever you prefer, and on top of those coats you can add glitter polish, shimmer polish, etc, then layer another jelly polish over. This allows you to cover the glitter or shimmer and make it look like it is in the jelly polish. Basicly jelly polish allows you to make differnt customized looks using your nail polish woredrobe. If jelly polish was an article of clothing it would the sheer blouse. You can somtimes see a bra under it, or a tangtop, but you can also always put a vest over it. Make sense?

Special manicures aside. I really like the way these apply. You need to love them to make them work. Each coat needs to dry sufficiently before applying another plus if you shake the bottle you will get air bubbles so this is not the kind of manicure you give yourself five minuets before running out the door. Depending on how deep you want the color to be depends on how many coats. I found my favorite number of coats is 7. I know extreme right? But the effect is gel like look that feels kind of springy. If you add clear polish in place of coats 2,4,and 6 the see through effect will be more apparent. Like looking into foggy water. It sounds terrible but is really pretty. There are three shades and you can find them here!

These are for you if you like to take time out and slowly paint your nails, love high gloss finish, or just like to get creative.

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