Friday, October 19, 2012

Need a little Rescue? Try RESCUE Remedy Natural Stress Relief Gum

As i type this i am chewing on a piece of citrus gum that has a hint of herbal tea flavor, but this gum isn't your average breath freshener. Bach Rescue Gum gives natural stress relief using homeopathic medicine. This gum wont make you feel drowsy but will allow you to feel a sense of calm and relaxation.

My ring and Rescue gum!
When you first bite into this unique gum you will notice the crunchy outer shell. Bite deeper and you will taste the liquid center of orange and elderflower. Not only is the taste something you wont find in any other gum but its extra benefits of a natural relaxer cant be beat.

I tested this product during my most stressful moments- Before a chemistry midterm, while running back and forth to the florist and dance hall, and when i found my son decorating the wall with melted chocolate truffles. This gum allowed me to feel a sense of calm, like a deep breath for the soul. I felt my anger, stress, anxiety, and worry just pass away. This product sounds too good to be true but it really isn't. This product lives up to its promise.

As for the ingredients. Each active ingredient lists its real life purpose. So while some of them may be hard to say (most are the scientific or Latin names) which is so much better then long chemical names, this makes me not mind in the least about not being able to say them! Their real life purposes such as, courage, presence of mind, focus when ungrounded, and even soften impact of shock are just so unique. Most food and even medicinal products often can leave you scratching your head over what everything means when reading the ingredients list. This product is honest and leaves no mystery.

Heads up though- keep this product out of reach of children, take caution if you are pregnant or breast feeding, use in moderation or this product can have laxative effects.

My recommendation: Always have a box in your purse so you can reach for a piece when needed. You never know when you might need to just chill out. If you have addictions such as smoking- this will help to ease your mind and cravings during the quitting process (i gave one to my friend who was quitting and it helped her calm down and eased her urges). Great to chew before bed if you have a hard time sleeping. This will help relax you into a restful sleep and is a much better option then sleeping pills.

You can purchased Rescue Gum at whole foods for $5.95
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Extra Info-
Developed by a doctor more than 75 years ago. RESCUE products help millions of women around the world stress less, stay calm and in control.
RESCUE provides gentle, non-habit forming relief from your everyday stresses.
Sold at: Whole Foods Markets, GNC and wherever you find natural products & health foods.
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Disclaimer- I received this product complimentary testing and reviewing purposes from as part of my Bride to Be Vox Box 2012

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