Friday, October 5, 2012

September 2012 Julep Mystery Box- Product Lovers Review and Swatch

I am sorry for being so late on this, i didn't realize i had deleted the folder i made on my desktop with all the pictures for this blog. That lead me to assume i had already wrote it. Negative. So I went and took the pictures all over again and am going to make this entry short and sweet since there are so many other recent entries i would like to get done before i fall behind on those.

In September Julep rolled out mystery box's. Julep has been switching things up as a late when it comes to the mystery box, in august offering one per style, and this month appealing to the lovers! Are you a product or polish lover? I am both and therefor had to get both.  You can see my post on the polish lovers box here! That link will also give you more information as to what Julep is!

First things first i received a full size Age Defying hand brightener. I am not sure whose looking at my hands to make sure they defy aging but i do plan on blogging for a long time so i guess my hands will always be youthful and bright!
 A glass nail filer- This glass nail filer not only looks classy but works great! I have never had my nails filed so evenly. This was a pleasant surprise to find in my box.

Even though my box is a product lovers box Julep thought it would be nice to add in two polishes. One is a mystery color with the new flat brush while the other is an amazing base coat. I have the julep top coat so this was a great addition and makes my julep manicure complete. The mystery color was a little streaky but its beautiful color allows me to forgive it.

Also included, but not pictured, was the julep tote bag.

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