Sunday, October 28, 2012

L'Oreal Nail Polish Fall Must Have Swatches

I went into Duane Read the other day and found two fantastic polishes. Since the store is usually a mess i can't tell you exactly which collections these go with but these two polishes part of L'Oreal's fall collection(s) are just gorgeous!

Gorgeous Gold (168)
This beautiful muted gold with gold glitter is just amazing. Since the glitter is in the polish and not just a top coat it gives a multi-denominational effect. If you have a bit of a yellow undertone you might not like how this looks on your nails, but all other skin shades should have no problem pulling this shade off. Layer it on for a more opaque look. It is a smooth polish with minimal streaking.

 The Bigger The Better (603)
This shade is a bit gritty and the pictures do it absolutely no justice. This polish is thick black and silver glitter with a clear base. If put over a black polish with a matte finish you can get a "liquid sand" kind of finish. Alone it is not as opaque as i would have liked it to be but its not what you would expect from L'Oreal so i appreciate it. With two coats you have nearly full coverage. It isn't as shiny as a traditional glitter so if you like your bling a little bit subdued this would be perfect for you.



  1. Oh wow, that's the first time I've seen a metallic + glitter polish! I do quite like that combination though!


    1. Same here! and it is so pretty in person.