Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trick Or Treat October 2012 Julep Maven Mystery Box

I love Halloween! Such a festive and fun holiday which is first a series of  wonderful fall/winter holidays. Dressing up, getting and giving candy, and just a little bit of mischief. This month, Julep released their Trick or Treat Box (which i didn't even realize was the mystery box until my friend Krys told me that is what it was) that encompassed the spirit and fun of this holiday.
In my Trick Or Treat Box i received three festive polishes, a bag of candy corn, two nail glitters, and decals! I've been seeing some negative buzz regarding this box and how it was a disappointment but i am in no way disappointed. The advertisement let us think we were getting jewelry or a scarf, but many just received nail decals. I am not a a fan of skull jewelry and i can take or leave a scarf. So over all i felt this box was a value and loved its contents and presentation.

As for the polish, it was the Julep quality that i have grown to adore!
Morgan- This deep blue based purple polish glides on opaquely with even coverage. Have a bit of a metallic swirl and is non streaky. 

Parker- Creamy opaque yellow based orange. One coat full coverage.This color is perfect for spring, summer, and fall. It is a great shade that can transition through the seasons when paired with the right accent nail, or used under black crakle for a fun Halloween look.

Zoe- This reddish copper metallic shade is the same shade as the red in leaves that are changing colors. Just beautiful. Perfect for fall, not just Halloween. Non streaky, one coat even coverage. Great shade to add to your fall nail wardrobe.

Blue and Purple cosmetic glitter.
Candy Corn!
Nail Decals.

Nail design using orange glitter, black crackle and Parker!

Do you think this is awesome? Do you want to receive a box of polish delivered to your door every month!
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  1. You may have loved this, but I'm so glad I didn't get this. I would have hated this! Whew dodged a bitter bullet there!

    1. It seems a lot of people didn't like this box, or wouldn't have. Why is it that you didn't like this box? I think i liked it because i expected to get the lower end box.