Friday, October 19, 2012

Kiss everEZlashes Review and Tutorial

As a cosmeholic, i own every type of cosmetic that you can imagine. The one thing i own but never use are false lashes. While they look so beautiful i never can apply them correctly. I get glue all over my hand, they mess up my eye makeup as i am applying them, they fall off my eyelid, apply lopsided, i could go on about how bad i am at applying fake lashes. I always hope that one day there would be a product that could allow me to wear fake lashes, KISS has made my dreams come true.

When i first opened up my Bride to Be Vox Box 2012, i was equally impressed with each item but i found the Kiss everEZlashes to be the most relevant. I want to look fantastic on my big day (and well everyday!) and knowing that there is a product i can use to have gorgeous full lashes that i can do myself in about 60 seconds really made me appreciate the Kiss brand more than ever. Their innovation and attention to the customer will keep me a life long customer.

What makes these lashes so special? Well for starters they have little red strings on each side of each lash to make applying the glue and fixating these lashes to your lid and easy and simple task. Simple take the lash by the strings and apply a thin line of glue. This glue is no drip and has a no mess applicator so don't worry about getting glue everywhere. After about 60 seconds all you need to do is hold the strings taught and apply from the outer corer to the inner corner of your upper lashes. Once applied simply remove the strings by sliding them out. Super simple!

Tips: Watch out for strings, getting glue on the string area will make them hard to pull out. Apply makeup before applying these lashes but you can hold off on the eye liner until after these are applied. To remove use an oil based makeup remover. These are simple to apply and simple to remove. If you are a novice at applying fake lashes this is a must have.

You can find these in drug stores for about $3.99. They are high quality lashes at a very affordable price.

Check out my video on how to apply these lashes and to see how simple it really is!
Disclaimer: I received this product complimentary for testing and reviewing purposes from, all of my opinions are my own honest opinions.

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Some extra info-
Made from highest quality human hair
Patented application method
Use with Kiss adhesive for optimal results
Latex free  Odor free
Waterproof  Flexible formula for 24hr hold

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