Sunday, October 28, 2012

Luxe Box Fall 2012 Review and Swatches

I recieved my first Loose Button Luxe Box for Fall 2012. I wasn't too sure i would be impressed since i didn't even do that much research on this one. I wanted something that i could have a completely un-bais opinion about. Apparently Loose Button, which is an international subscription box company has recently released boxes in the United States. Boxes started out as monthly but changed to seasonal. My first box came in a grey cardboard box that let me know it was members only and already had the allure of exclusiveness. In order to receive this box you must apply for an invite, once chosen you can choose how many seasons to buy, i started out with 2.

My son placing my box on the couch, such a helpful baby.

When i first looked at the slim rectangle box, i thought it looked pretty small, i was a little worried that this box wasn't going to be that good. I was beginning to rethink the $25 dollars i had just spent on it. One thing was for sure it looked elegant.
 The intro card looked more like a fancy invitation.
 Instead of being pack in tissue paper it was warped in a white cloth.

List of items that i received which included a break down of the category that each item is.

 There was a lot more items in here then i expected and the range was fantastic. 4 full sized items including makeup, nail polish, nail strips, and body care, along with face care, and hair care.

 Schick Hydro Silk Razor- These retail for about $6 or $7 dollars which makes it a great addition to this box. I do have to say though, i also got this in my Birchbox about 2 months ago, so that lessened the excitement. I did need a new one though. Its a great product since it has a hydration rim around the razor so you don't need any shave gel or cream on those hard to shave places. Leaves skin smooth and gives an even shave.

 Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black- This felt tip eye liner pen (full size) allows you to have a precise line without any smudging. This item i also received in a past Birchbox (in purple). I like this product because it goes on smooth and there is no mess. Sometimes using a liner that is liquid with a brush can get messy if you are in a rush. This product allows you to get creative or just make a quick line.

 Vichy Refreshing Toner- I put just a little bit on my face right after cleansing but before anti-aging and it was the perfect mid step. It made my face feel refreshed. I never thought toners were that important but this really did wonders especially in the morning for an extra pick me up in the middle of my cosmetic retinue.  

 Bobos Remi- Even though this product is a liquid spray it is a leave in conditioner that is made with Macadamia, Panthenol, and Jojoba Oil which deeply hydrates the hair. My hair felt super soft not just on the surface. It felt moisturized deep down. My hair became manageable but not greasy. I applied mainly to my roots but also sprayed lightly on my roots to prevent frizz.

 Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Polyactive and Super Moisturizing Concentrate-  Both of these products, applied after toner, made my face feel smooth and soft which lasted all day. I can't say it was more special than other items i have tried but it was a nice product.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips- These strips made painting my nails  super quick. I was able to get the layered, opaque glitter look with just a simple strip. This manicure took about 5 minutes to complete and there was no dry time. With a two year old running around this was probably the most flawless manicure i have had in a while.

 Essie Nail Polish in No Place Like Chrome- This polish is part of the Mirror Metallic's fall 2012 collection and i think it is one of the best colors of the collection. It is a very bright true silver, i experienced zero streaking and it was quick drying. This is one of those polishes that requires you to paint your nails a little quicker but the good news is you will only need one coat to have complete coverage.

Overall i really enjoyed the range of products. Most of them are well known brands and brands i can find in my local stores for repurchase. I liked that there were items i knew of and i liked being introduced to new products and brands as well. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a bit of an elegant experience when it comes to subscription boxes.

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