Thursday, October 25, 2012

Test Tube Fall 2012 Review and Swatches

This seasons box is so impressive I am beginning to wish it was monthly! The range of products will have you set for the next 3 months and are perfectly fall focused. From hair hydration, to get your hair ready for winter dryness, to eye illuminator to keep your eyes bright as days slowly get shorter.

It cosmetics- bye bye under eye.
This product excites me. I have terrible under eye circles. This full coverage under eye cream is the perfect cover up to hide sever dark circles. Not only does this product cover up but helps to prevent aging, helps to reduce puffiness, and moisturizes. So you are able to protect delicate tissue ( under the eye is one of the most sensitive places in the body due to being so thin) while still looking great. One note. I received the shade neutral medium but it is more neutral fair. Maybe choose one shade up when purchasing this product. This product is cruelty free and does not test on animals.
Full size 0.28 fl oz $24, I received 0.11 fl oz worth about 7 dollars.

Moroccan Oil- Intense Hydrating Mask
This product smells perfect. Not a heavy scent but won't leave your hair with a bad odor. This product is meant to prevent future damage from heat and oxidation. Made with natural ingredients like vitamin E and argon oil. Not only does it repair and prevent feature damage but will leave your hair soft and glossy now. If you have greasy roots apply from the middle of your hair down with only a dab to the roots. I like how this prevented my hair from knotting.
Full size $32 dollars for 8.5 fl oz. I received 2.53 fl oz which is about a quarter of the full size and is worth about $8.

Yon-Ka - Masque Number 1 time release intense moisture
I received a full size of this product and I am so glad I did. This anti aging moisturizer is a two in one product that will save you time in your morning and nightly routine while also making your skin feel super soft. My complexion looks healthier and feels noticeably smoother due to using this product for only 5 days. Softly scented.
Full size 1.7 fl oz $58

Kneipp- Eucalyptus Herbal Bath & Pure Bliss Bath Salt in Red Poppy Hemp:
These bath salts, meant to be used for aroma therapy, smell very natural. You won't feel like you are soaking in or smelling something artificial. I love the natural scent and how different it smells compared to other products. While his product is in an unreleasable bag I did get two uses out of it.
Full size $20 3.4 fl oz. I received 2.1 fl oz worth about $12.

Dr. Brant- Dark Circles Away:
Test tube fall 2012 is really preparing you for the short days to come and the day we gain an hour when day light savings end. Less sleep, less sun, more dark circles. Test tube beauty will have none of that! This product helps to relieve the tired look ( which i learned has nothing to do with lack of sleep but more to do with blood pooled in the vessel under the skin) and helps to boost collage. Under the eye making under the eye look brighter. So if you aren't into wearing a lot of makeup under the eye this serum will keep you looking natural and awake.
Full size $65 0.5 fl oz. I received .085 which is maybe worth about $7.

Philosophy- Hope In A Jar:
This product moisturizes dry skin. While it is a great product and does what it promise I feel it has more hype than worth. I do love the inspirational quote on the tube though. If you love cute packaging this might be perfect for you. Lightly scented and creamy.
Full size $39 for 2 fl oz. I received 0.4 fl oz which is worth $8

Olay - Professional Pro-X Deep Wrinkle Treatment:
I may only be 27 but I don't want to look one day older so I prevent prevent prevent. I've been using this product for a while so I receive another one and full size at that is always nice. You only need a tiny bit of this product to moisturize, prevent wrinkles, and repair already existing fine lines. Leaves skim feeling healthy.
Full size $44 for 1 fl oz.

Cellceuticals- Cellgenesis Eye Serum-
Another full sized product! This is why I love test tube. This serum helps to tighten and firm the area of skin around the eye. Helps to eliminate dark under eye circles and fine lines. Feels soft, non drippy, and easy to apply both morning and night. Was easy to wear under cosmetics.
Full size $65 for 0.5 fl oz

Extra: Spa Look offer cards

This seasons new beauty magazine includes 10 secrets to staying sexy at any age and how to get flawless skin. If you aren't subscribed you can pick this up where magazine a are sold

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