Friday, October 19, 2012

The Big Pink Box Review and Swatches

I am pretty in love with all these subscription boxes popping up lately, each one with their own theme and feel to them. If i had to pick one that was most genuine and most personal i would choose The Big Pink Box.

I received the inaugural box earlier this month but due to school commitments i did not get the chance to blog about it. Only 100 boxes were sent out and each contains products from women owned businesses. Since there aren't that many boxes each is like a personal and special gift. The products range from clothes, accessories, jewelry, to makeup, and bath and body products. A diverse range of products made by women own companies? I had to sign up. For only $25 dollars this is an excellent subscription choice.

The products i received are as follows:
Only For You Boutique by Khaleen Larson-
A sheer salmon colored shirt with aqua trim. The front buttons down while the back is open but connected in a fringe like manner. This shirt is in a vest style. While this shirt is a size small and i am an XL i can't tell you more than what it looks like. Perhaps there should be style quizzes where subscribers can give in their states to have items more tailored to each person but if i was a size small i would love this!
Facebook: Only For You Boutique
Instagram- Only For You Boutique
Twitter: Only4uboutique

Spectrum Cosmetics by Amber Rose -
These shimmery shadows are highly pigmented and are so smooth on the skin. They are a bit tricky to open so if you purchase these you might wind up with the product all over you hand. These shadows blend easily and are of superior quality. They will make any eye look just a little bit prettier!
Twitter- AccidentalDiva and Sp3ctrumdotcom
Instagram- AccidentalDiva and Sp3ctrumdotcom

Spending pink coin and milk punch over primer with flash

Spending pink coin and milk punch over primer without flash

 Alison Nicole Nail Company-
An eclectic bag of nail polish glitter. This glitter looks festive and fun. I love that it came with instructions on how to use it.  I can't wait to get creative with it.

 A Rose Closet by Nicole and Greg Brunson
These hair clips are adorable. I have one critique though, they kind of look like something a girl in junior high school would make. To be fair i saw other people receive really awesome bows so i am sure this is just me being a tiny bit bias and wishing i got bows! These would be perfect on a little girl, or if you are going for a diy look. I imagine i can pair the orange with dots hair clip on to a side part on a fall day.

 The Vanity Co. by Ashle Renee Austin-
This simple key chain has a nice quote which reads "A French poet wrote that vanity is the fear of appearing normal, be you, be an individual, be one of a kind, be custom. Uphold your vanity"

 Bubble Babez- Bath Truffle-
I wish you were here to smell  this right now because it smells amazing, like something you would find in a small boutique filled high priced items. Will keep skin moisturized and help to soften even the driest of skin.

Body by Brown Rouge Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon - Shawn Brown:
Have to be honest, i thought this was chocolate at first. I am so glad my friend let me know that this was soap before i took a bite of it! I also wasn't sure who this was by until i found one business card that didn't belong to any other product.  I think this is such a great idea. A pink breast cancer soap that not only reminds us to get ourselves checked but pushes the girl power feel of this box up a little but in a good way!
Twitter- Bodyroque

Do you like the idea of small business subscription boxes? Would you subscribe to an all women owned business box?


  1. I like the idea...but I would be more than sad if I got a shirt like that...if they want to send out clothing, they need to send out proper sizes!

  2. I think there are 3 better boxes of this type which don't send ugly, wrong- sized clothing. One is Little Black Box which has high quality cosmetics, bath and body products, hand crafted soaps and candles, among other things. The other two are Out Of the Box, and the last is My Dream Box. They send Etsy made jewelry, handmade soaps, organic shower gels, it varies but is a huge quantity of products. I've ordered ONE of each and I still have gorgeous soaps, candles and mineral makeup in the boxes. They are huge.
    Fantabulously Frugal's blog has the links to the last two, and Little Black Box is found easily in a search.

    Personally, I think the box you have ordered is a lot weaker in content and volume than the 3 I've ordered in the past mentioned in my post.