Friday, October 19, 2012

Bride to Be Influenster Vox Box 2012 Overal Review

Nothing makes me more excited then a Vox Box from Influenster! Wait whats Influenster- its a site that calculates how influential you are, sends you products based to test and review, and offers informative reviews on varies products! This is my second Vox Box, first being the Summer Beauty Vox Box for summer 2012, this box is is for Brides to Be! What a more exciting time in a woman life- an upcoming marriage and a box full of goodies to help her get through it. If you are getting marraied i highly suggest you read on because these products will help you not only on your big day but on all the days leading up to the big day.

This post will focus on all the items i received but for a more in depth review along with tips on how to use the products check out my individual review pages in the up coming days.
Disclaimer- I have received these products for reviewing purposes and all opinions in this blog are my own honest opinions of these products.

Don't let this small box fool you it is jammed packed with every item a Bride to Be needs!

Items for hair, eyes, sleep, stress, and even your single friends? Are you ready to find out about the best pre-wedding products?

Rescue Gum-
I don't know about you but when I'm running errands and finalizing plans i can get pretty stressed out. If only there was something simple and natural to help ease the nerves. Well there is! Rescue Gum, this homeopathic gum, aside from tasting like herbal tea and citrus, will slowly ease your nerves. This gum contains all natural ingredients and does not taste medicinal. This is a handy product to have not just for brides to be but for busy moms, college students before a final, even as a pre-bed chew to relax before sleep. 
Can be purchased at whole foods for $5.95
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Dream Water in Snoozeberry-
Having a hard time falling asleep? Thinking did i call the florist? Is the Caterer booked? What songs should the DJ play? Relax! You have all day to think about those things, you need your beauty sleep. Dream water is a shot of lightly flavored, zero calorie, water that eases you into relaxation to help calm your mind and help you sleep. I like that this water isn't overly flavored and doesn't add extra calories to my diet at night. While this wont make you drowsy or overly sleepy it will help you.
Can be found at drugstores like Duane Read and Wallgreens for $2.99 for 2.5 oz.
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Kiss everEZlashes-
I have to admit something to you all, this cosmeholic, is terrible at applying false lashes. I can never apply them right or i get the glue all over my fingers. When i saw this product in my Vox Box i was so excited to try them. Could i finally wear false lashes? YES I COULD! These were so easy to put on that even a novice like me was able to do them in under 60 seconds. These lashes look natural but make my own lashes just a little more dramatic. If you aren't used to wearing flake lashes, or just want a little extra help in applying them, these would be a great choice. Each lash has small red strings attached to the ends. (My picture is missing them because i had already applied them, video to be posted soon!). You simply place the glue (which has a no drip easy applicator, so no mess!) on each lash and allow to dry until sticky. Grab each lash by the strings and hold taught. Apply to eye and slide stings out. That's it. Because of these lashes i have started to wear flase lashes and have stocked up on a few pairs of these.
Sold at drugstores for $3.99
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Schwarzkopf Professionals BC Repair Rescue Hair Therapy-
First, i was simply wowed at how big these were. Hair repair doesn't happen over night and it is good to know that with these products you will have plenty to keep your hair looking healthy and strong for a good deal of time. The bottles are also well proportioned. The shampoo bottle is slightly bigger than the conditioner bottle. When using conditioner it is not always better to use more. The Sealed ends is a great way to round out your hair washing routine. This product will give your hair 25% more strength using Cura+ Protein Complex. What i like about these? They smell great, not over powering but subtle, it wont over power your perfume. Does not leave hair greasy. Seals split ends so that they become unnoticeable. Makes hair shiny and manageable. If you have damaged hair or just want your hair to look extra nice for your big day or any day this hair care system would be perfect to pick up.
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Sold at salons! $18-$21 (so worth it!)

And those single ladies?
Oh influenster is there anything you don't think of! For all your single brides maids, Ivy Date is great website to meet interesting singles. Don't set your girls up with just anyone, let them find the man of their dreams on this site.
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