Friday, October 19, 2012

Marilyn Monroe Collection For Mac Review and Swatches

The Marilyn Monroe collection sold out (well most of it) in under a half hour of its release online in September. Many cosmeholics were left without their long awaited Marilyn cosmetics. I was able to get a few pieces from the collection from Mac, ebay, and Nordstrom. So while i wanted to have an completely inclusive review i will only be able to bring you a limited one.

I was able to get Showgirl and How to Marry. Both are not as pigmented as i hoped they be (plus showgirl which i bought on mac online was lacking a sticker on the back leading me to believe it was tampered with).  These shades don't entirely remind me of what Marilyn would wear and i think Mac dropped the ball on capturing her full iconic color. Aside from that they are decent shadows and i do like them. Minimal fallout, not too shimmery, not too metallic. I wish one of these was matte, or that there was any matte in the collection but i digress.

 How to Marry is an off white somewhat cream color. When applied without primer it is almost invisible but it great as a lid color with a darker color in the crease to make this color apparent. 
Showgirl is a medium silver blue with a little bit of shimmer. It blends easily and can be applied with or without primer.


The Perfect Cheek-
This pinky/peach matte blush is just perfect. It blends effortlessly on to the cheek and is neither too harsh or too light (on light to medium skin). This color is buildible so you can suit it to your skin tone.

These lipsticks, just as i thought, were over and beyond impressive. Long lasting, beautiful packing, perfect reds and nude.

 Deeply Adored:
 This deep matte red shade is perfect for representing Marilyn. It leans a little on the brick side. Glides on like velvet, lasts for hours, and has that classic vanilla smell. While this doesn't go with the vampy red shades of the season you can never go wrong with a deep rich red.

 Charmed I'm Sure-
This shade is a pinkish dark red that is also matte. This shade is also a great classic shade that Marilyn would be proud of.

 Pure Zen-
This creamy pinky nude color is soft and moisturizing. While not as long lasting as the matte shades mentioned above this shade is soft and is great paired with a dramatic eye. It looks like the color Marilyn would have been wearing in the black and white picture on the tube.

Putting the look together:
 How to Marry on the lids with Showgirl blended out from the crease to the brow.

Perfect Cheek and Charmed I'm Sure.


  1. Wow, you look great- I love how you did your eyes!

  2. I think those colors are very Marilyn-like also, except maybe the nude color. Although, I love all the lipstick colors on their own! Do they perform like the regular MAC formula?

    1. She wasnt really famous for nude but it goes with the picture they choose for the tubing. They are just like regular mac formula and last just as long.