Friday, October 5, 2012

September 2012 Beauty Army Review and Swatch

A quick bit of information! For some reason i always get my Beauty Army Window at the end of the month thus missing everything awesome that they come out with during the beginning of the month. My window is right before the new stuff comes out, but too far after it comes out for me to get it. So some of my items may not be as great as you may see on other blogs. Also this month both boxes contained the September insert card. I apologize for these minor issues.

All that aside i really loved my box this month. My sections were decent but i do not feel they were worth the $12 dollars i spent. I was surprised at the range and there was very little single use packages and foil packages this month.  Like most monthly boxes this service is hit or miss. If you like the idea of being able to pick your samples, this would be a great box to sign up for. Sign up here!

Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom and Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea-
Both these scents are amazing. Japanese Cherry Blossom is floral and fresh while Sweet Pea is a soft, sweet floral scent. You only need a small amount and you will have a lot of lather. I smelt both of these on my skin even hours after i took a shower. The bottom label on these says $5 dollars but if you know bath and body works you'd know your able to get the full size for about $3 dollars during sales. Still it is nice to have the option to get these since i had never tried these scents before. The whole purpose of sample boxes is to try before you buy so this worked perfect for me.

Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Protein
This nail protein is applied under nail polish to help repair thin, peeling, and chipped nails. I have terrible nails they bend to the touch. I started to apply this and i cant say my nails got harder over night, but i did notice a nice difference. Not only did my nails not start peeling and hang nailing, but it helped my polish to stay put, even though a chem lab! I would recommend this product to those with less than perfect nails.

Sun Tegrity 5 in 1 natural moisturizing face sunscreen- tinted-
I like all in one products for the face, they save time, and are usually easier to apply. This product fits that category. Products your skin from the sun, moisturizes, covers up, works as a primer, and concealer. I feel like this is more like a BB cream than anything. I like that is is sheer but does cover up, i like that it products the skin, but i can always apply powder over it to finish the look.

thick on skin when first out of tube

blended lightly

blended completely

Lipsi  Aphrodite Powder-
I like that this month i got a "BB cream" and a matting powder. At first i wasn't entirely sure what this product was until i applied it to my skin. If you have an oily T-zone or just need a product that you can dust on to make your skin appear matte this is pretty good. It looks nude colored in the jar but actually adjusts to your skin color. I don't know if that applies to darker tones but if you are fair to warm in skin color this will work pretty well.

See matte in the middle. Made my skin tone matte and covered up even the fine lines in my hand.
Hothouse Flower-
First i really liked the packaging. While most small vials of perfume are just attached to a cardboard card this is in its own little box and wrapped in a single small sheet of tissue paper. Details, details, details! The scent is a strong, natural, floral. A little bit will go a long way and as it fades you will smell more and more like a natural flower and less like a perfume. This is a nice touch.

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