Friday, October 5, 2012

E.L.F. Disney Villians Makeup Book Collection Review and Swatches

Do you like Disney? Do you like makeup? Do you, perhaps, like Disney inspired makeup? If you do these products (and the Cinderella inspired products see here and here for reviews) just might be perfect for you! I am a fan of both, so naturally when I found out about these villainous beauty products I was hyped.

E.L.F. has teamed up with Diseny to give you these makeup books that include everything you need for an evil day and night look. Each book contains 1 pair of lashes and lash glue, primer, 8 eyeshadows, 2 lip/cheek colors, an eye liner, mirror, and instructions at a cost of about $10. While quality varies this product is still worth picking up. These are limited edition so they wont be around long. I have listed some general pros and cons near the end of this post.

A quick disclaimer. I almost gave these makeup books a slightly unfair rating due to poor primer. I have bought primer in the past from ELF and loved it. The one included in these books is subpar and will make your shadows look like they are under pigmented. I am, for this reason, including swatches using the included primer and using a wet n wild cover all stick that doubles as a primer, under the shadows. I choose this primer to go along with these shadows because this is a drugstore cosmetics post. Higher end primers like Mac Prep + Prime, or Urban Decay primer would probably have an ever better result.

Included primer swatch.
Evil Queen - devious dramatic eyes
This book is based off of the evil queen from snow white. All of the shadows have names that correlate with the Disney movie. The mirror in this book has the classic line "Mirror, mirror, on the wall...", which i think is a fantastic touch, and pays close attention to the details of the movie. As for the cosmetics themselves, the lashes in this kit are more dramatic than the others but not as thick as Maleficent's. The day look includes One Bite -shimmery yellow , Vanity- matte nude, Narcissistic -soft purple pink, and Potion- shimmery burgundy. The night lip/cheek color is a pinkish red. For the night look there is Fairest of the Land - shimmery white, Majesty- royal shimmery purple, Peddlers Cloak- glittery brown rose, and Poison Apple- matte black. The day colors are seriously lacking pigment but are decent when layered over a better primer or used to soften the night colors. They have decent blending and wear for just about 6 hours. Overall you can create the look of the evil queen or just have pretty purple lids.



Day look over E.L.F. primer. Plus lip/cheek pencil.

Night look over E.L.F. Primer plus lip/cheek pencil.

L-R Day Look and Night Look over Wet N Wild cover all stick without flash.
L-R Day Look and Night Look over Wet N Wild cover all stick with flash.

Maleficent- sinister smoky eyes
This book is based off of the evil fairy from sleeping beauty. Her colors have names based on the correlating Disney movie. This kit really lives up to its name in that all the shades, even the day ones, will allow you to create a smoky eye look using colors inspired by magnificent herself. The lashes included are thick and long; they will get your eyes noticed. The colors this book contains are: for the day look- Spindle- a shimmery soft brown, Scepter -a shimmery copper brown, Fog of Doom- a deep dark purple and Fauna- a shimmery forest green with light micro glitter. For the night look you get Misfortune- a soft shimmery gray, Forest of Thorns- a black shimmer with lots of silver micro glitter, Deep Sleep - a pink base dark purple with a little pink/purple micro glitter and Diablo- a matte black with purple macro glitter. This is my favorite of all three night looks because of how pigmented it is, even with bad primer. This is the only book that contains a glitter liner. I don't think it makes sense but it does look nice.



day look over elf primer plus day lip/cheek pencil.
night look over elf primer with night lip/cheek pencil
day look, over wet n wild cover all stick, without flash

day look, over wet n wild cover all stick, with flash

night look, over wet n wild cover all stick, with flash

night look, over wet n wild cover all stick, without flash
Cruella- evil everyday eyes-
The final book is based off of the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians. This evil villain, while a deranged lunatic, had style. While i wasn't impressed just looking at the colors in the store, i was impressed at how they looked together when applied. So don't write this off as just another collection of browns!  This book contains neutral colors to help you have that everyday look, with a little green thrown in. The lashes are the most natural of the three. Includes a nude/pink lip/cheek color while the other two books contain dark reds/pinks. The day look includes Puppy Love - a matte nude, Coat of Drama- a shimmery dark nude with slight micro glitter, Cruelty- a soft shimmery moss green, and Sewage- a brown green shimmer with slight micro glitter. The night look includes Spoiled- a bronze nude shimmer, Maniac- a chocolate brown with gold micro glitter, Little Beasts- a matte chocolate brown, and Extinction a rich chocolate brown shimmer. This book allows you to get the evil look while still being work or school appropriate.

Day look over elf primer with nude lip/cheek pencil above and black liquid liner to the side
Night look over elf primer with orange/red lip/cheek pencil above and black liquid liner to the side.
L-R- Day look and Night Look applied over wet n wild cover all stick with flash

L-R- Day look and Night Look applied over wet n wild cover all stick without  flash
Pros - love that they are Disney Inspired, include everything you need for a look, and instructions. Minimal fallout. Pencil lipsticks/blush are smooth and blend easily. Great for travel, novices, looking for the ensentials. High pigmentation over the right primer. Fantastic black liquid liner.

Cons- poor pigmentation using included primer, no separate lipstick or blush its combined into a pencil form. Too many shimmers, not enough matte

While these are sold by E.L.F they are not available online. You can find these are your local Walgreens, Duane Read, or Walmart!


  1. you beat me to this lol im working on a review of Maleficent and The Evil Queen :) love the review! cant get over Cruella's creepy face though lol

    1. I am super slacking in replying and keeping up with my blog, lol, i cant wait to see your review and yah her look is such a uggh but the colors wound up being super nice so i am kinda glad i got it.