Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Matte Palette Review and Swatches

As you may have noticed i have been making a lot of posts about palettes lately. I have always been a fan of palettes since they allow you so many options in one convenient package. When i first began to explore makeup i purchased an 88 color palette on eBay direct from a small company in China. Little did i know how "in the know" i was because just 3 years later companies started popping up selling this same palette with their name placed on it and the makeup community was going wild for it. One company, Coastal Scents became pretty popular and now sells everything from makeup, to brushes, even how to's and material to make your own products!

Anyway, a few weeks back Coastal Scents was having a sale that i just could not pass up. 42 Double Stack Palettes for only 9.99$? Yes please? Two different types were offered shimmer or matte. I already own the 88 color shimmer palette so i decided to go with the matte. I adore bright colors, bold looks, and trying new and creative ways to wear makeup. This palette was perfect for me. The color range is deep, bold colors. Highly pigmented, easy to apply, and minimal fall out. Some shades can apply a little chalky but still easy to work with. There are 10 blushes which allow anyone of any skin tone to take a pick at the blush that works best for them, or try a new color with minimal commitment. I love the hot pinks, reddish pink, and the peach. All the blushes can be built up so if you want minimal or maximum color it is up to you. These blushes can be used as shadow if you are looking for a baby pink, or pastel pink. My one major complaint about these shadows is many of the colors look different in the palette but when applied appear as the same color (mainly the purples and the reds). This may only be an issue with my skin tone but it is worth knowing.

The brushes included are soft shadow brushes. There is one double ended eyeshadow brush, one brush which looks like a lip liner brush, but i guess this is for lining. I personally do not prefer this shape for eye use, and a long brush with a small tip for blush, which makes absolutely no sense. This palette is great on color but confusing on brushes. The shadow palette sits on top of the blush palette and is removable.

 Shadow swatches are all over primer using brushes included.
Horizontal rows left to right-

42 Double Stack Matte Palette over primer without flash

42 Double Stack Matte Palette over primer with flash

 Horizontal rows 3 and 4 left to right
42 Double Stack Matte Palette over primer without flash

42 Double Stack Matte Palette over primer with flash

Blush Swatches using brush included-
Horizontal row 1, left to right-
 Horizontal row 2, left to right

This palette will allow you to be creative with highly pigmented, bright matte colors. Great for those who can't afford a MAC collection or want to try on new colors. Great for those who like different types of blush. Not for those who don't like loud colors, those who don't like to work with brighter and bolder colors. Without a primer these shades are a little less bold but none the less still bold. Let your creative side loose and pick this palette up, even at its full price of $24.95 it is still worth it for all the product you receive. You can get it here!


  1. You definitely don't lie when you say they're super pigmented!! Woah! I don't own anything from them, but I've been meaning to try one of their eye shadow palettes.

    1. Their pigmentation rivals many higher end brands, but some of these shades can come off chalky (i forgot to add that in and will do so now!) But overall its fantastic how they apply. You should sign up for their emails so that when they have a sale you can get the palettes discounted. They are worth it though.