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Sample Society Beauty Bar Box October 2012 Rewview and Swatches

So i signed up for yet another subscription box, can't help it i'm addicted. When my friend told me she was thinking of signing up for Sample Society Beauty Bar i had this, oh no don't!, feeling come over me. I looked up some recent reviews though and it seemed to improve from past reviews. I like subscribing to beauty boxes that my friends are subscribed to and vise versa because it is fun talking about what we got and comparing. Needless to say i had some high hopes that this box would be amazing. While i wasn't amazingly thrilled, i did find it somewhat decent.

Wondering what Sample Society Beauty Bar is? Allure magazine has created its own beauty sampling subscription (which is fun since i am subscribed to allure) service which will deliver to your door, each month, a box filled with 5 deluxe sized samples for 15 dollars! Included in every box is a $15 dollar off coupon for any purchase over $50 dollars so the box pays for itself if you decide to buy something you love from your box. You will also receive a year subscription to allure, which is pretty nice if you arent already subscribed. If you think this sounds like something you would enjoy you can sign up here!

What did i receive in my first box?

I really liked the presentation. It felt like i was getting an exclusive present. I think half the price goes into the presentation.
List of products included in this month's box along with the $15 dollar gift code. It is a generic code and everyone has the same one, so it isn't exclusive per person.

 Booklet of tips and tricks. The above perfume tips are a little off. All is correct except the best way to make perfume last longer on the skin is to apply unscented moisturizer to the skin prior to applying the perfume because it stays longer on skin that is moisturized. I have always applied my perfume to my knees and the crease of my arm that is the other side of my elbow (i don't know what that is called, and my perfume lasts all day. Never rub your wrists together it will break the scent molecules damaging the scent.

 The samples themselves along with worth per size:

 1- Jan Iredale Tantasia Self Tanner-
I got this product in my summer 2012 test tube and i was less than thrilled with it. I now own two. This brought my impression of the box down some. Self tanners only show noticible results, most of the time, through using the product over a certain time period. The directions say to apply daily, yet the sample wont even cover your whole leg. This tiny sample does not allow you to test if it really works and if you were to say apply it to a small area over a certain period of time you might wind up with a brown spot. So this sample makes no sense.
For full size this product is $36 for 4.2 oz the worth of the sample is $2.14
Product right out of the tube onto hand

blended in a bit

completely unnoticeable after full rub in.
 2-Kate Somerville ExfoliKate-
This is a bit of a higher end product but i am not sure it is worth it. The scent is a pleasant grassy mint smell. When i opened up my tube the safety seal was already broken, points off for packaging. Applying it to the skin it felt more like a grainy wash and less like an exfoliater. There wasn't enough texture or grains for me to really say i felt it worked. The smell was the only plus side for me.
Full Size $85 for 2 oz. Worth of sample- $1.06


 3-Aromachology Clean and Fresh Eau De Parfum
Parfum is the best you can get when it comes to scents so i did have some appreciation for that. The scent is a clean, shower fresh, kind of smell. Very crisp. Only problem? I  can get the same scent using soap, or using a body spray from bath and body works. While it isn't the same quality and probably won't last all day, spending $100 dollars to smell like i took a shower is just not worth it to me. Pass.
The booklet lists the full size at $100, it is actually $160 for 100 ml. This sample is about .40 ml which brings the worth of this sample to $1.56

4- Oscar Blandi- Pronto Wet Hair Care-
This is the biggest sample in the entire box and surprisingly it is worth it! With the flat, limp, volumeless hair that i have been blessed with this is a life saver. (From sampling i have discovered various great shampoos and conditioners for volume and for that i am thankful) This conditioner smells nice and it isn't over powering. You can use your favorite shampoo that smells amazing and it wont take away from it. It boosted my over all volume and made my hair have a bit more bounce to it.
Price for full size $24 for 8.4 fl. oz. Worth of sample- $4.85

 5- Erno Laszlo- Phormula 3-9 Repair Balm-
The booklet nor the product contains instructions as to what this is exactly or what it does. After some googling this product. This product is meant to repair skin that is sun burned, stressed, or dry. Has no scent, the consistency of loose Vaseline but is none greasy. This is another high end sample.
Full size cost- $245. Sample worth- $.069

 The worth of this $15 dollar box is $9.68 meaning I overpaid by 6 dollars.

There was a bonus Towelette from Herban Essentials but this by no means equals or exceeds the worth of the box. So far this is the only subscription service that has a box that has fallen under the price paid. On the flip side this is the only box that i have sampled to truly offer high end samples that i would never be able to afford to try otherwise.  I can see myself canceling this subscription in the future.

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