Thursday, October 25, 2012

Look who's back! The Look Bag Returns. Review and Swatches

The long awaited Look Bag from the Look Store wait is over! After a 3 month hiatus old and new members alike were able to resubscribe. After promising customers a bag and not delivering, many were skeptical, however, with the lure of 25% off for old subscribers, and the promise of two full size products, who could really say no?

When i first opened my Look Bag, which arrived in hot pink delivery bag and the look store sticker, i was happy and confused. The products were not in their little organza bag but rather next to it.

 The pink card included all the the products and their descriptions for this month. As you can see there are three full size items included!
 Intro card for the month of October.
Overall i was impressed with the list, and while i do like most of the products in this months bad there are quite a bit of pro's and con's

 The products i received are as follows :
York Lip Balm-
This product is lip balm that is supposed to  smell like a york peppermint patty. While the smell is just fine in the tube putting it on the lips is another story. It does not smell like a chocolate and mint patty but rather just very, very minty, almost like vapor rub. The sticker on the back of the box looks just like a Claire's price sticker and it is no surprise that Claire's used to sell these. It appears to be a full size item even though it isnt listed as one and I thought they might be an over stock of a discontinued product. I will address this a little later.

Stilla Matte Eyeshadow-
This is a  dark navy grey matte eyeshadow. I was pretty excited to see a Stila eyeshadow since they are continually a high quality product. At first my only complaints were that it was un-potted and unless you own a palette where you can place these in you risk possibly breaking them. If you received this i DO NOT recommend that you use it, read below to find out why!

over bare skin.

 Freeman Beautiful Body Wash-
This fruity and fresh body wash is so refreshing. I love that the sample is such a large package. I wish it was resealable since i believe this package is two uses but i couldn't use it twice due to it being in a non releasable package. It made my skin feel soft and it did product a lot of lather. My skin did not feel tight or have a residue after using this. I would like to purchase the full size version of this product.

Pop Beauty black crackle nail polish-
This is yet another full size product, but one that i am really impressed with. I am not really a fan of crackle but this has to be the smoothest, best drying, best cracking crackle i have ever tried. It contains nylon which makes it non chip (it does chip but not as badly as other brands.) Not too thick, and not too runny, i was able to create a nice design on my nails using this product.

Pixi Lip and Line Primer-
I saved the best for last. I swear, SWEAR, by this product. I have so many lipsticks that lack the right amount of pigment or just don't last as long as i would like them to, so i apply this product under them and the problem is solved. I was just starting to run out, and didn't want to spend another 18$ to get it, and low and behold there is one in my look bag. This moisturizing, smooth, primer, is nearly see through so it wont alter the color of your lipstick. With the liner you never have to worry about having the right color liner since this clear liner will have your lipstick staying within the lines all day. While i know there are other brands that offer lip primers, i believe this is the best option.

Now what's all this look below about?
Oh yeah that, well my suspicious about a possibly discontinued product were met when i received an email from the look store letting me know my Stila shadow was expired. I promptly emailed back with various questions such as- is it safe to use, and should i be worried about other products, how long has it been expired? etc. Of all the questions i asked, only one was answered, in a one line response. Very rude. I emailed back twice before i finally got a response from the CEO who simply said they can not say whether it is safe to you or not it was safe to use, and that it was made in 2006, and should be good for 7 years, and that means it expired 2 years ago (does anyone else think this math doesn't make sense?). While i understand mishaps happen, and there will be more products added to the November bag to make up for it, the rudeness and lack of good customer service, along with possible discontinued items, is a little disheartening. I was never answered about my suspicions about the other products but to be fair i Googled the York lip balm and checked ebay many sources point to it being a product that was discontinued but there is a factory excess. While it might not be expired that isn't exactly something you want to read. I look forward to next months bag with caution.

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