Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ipsy/Glam Bag October 2012 Review and Swatches

Ipsy/Glam Bag has come such a long way in just under a year of sending out bags. This month's bag is exceptional proof of this. Subscribers got over and beyond what they paid for this month and items that were both great in quality and value. The theme of this month was Bombshell and they embraced this it very well with black eye liner, voluminous mascara, and even a lip stain that will rival any other you have tried before!

For the past few months similar brands have been featured over and over and this month subscribers got to try some well known brands both domestic and internationally! This month's bag with jam packed with offers and coupons to allow you to buy the products from your bag at a discount!

I would like to start with the product i loved the most!

Mirenesse Lip Bomb #2-
This was one of the best lip lacquer stains i have ever tried. It rivals my Lancome products. Glides on creamy and glossy, feels like a liquid lipstick, opaque and full coverage, and tingles just a little bit since it is also a lip plumper. This product is so all in one that if it was a band it would be that guy who has every instrument strapped to a giant drum on his back! I got quite a few hours of coverage with this. Even when my sons hand brushed against my lips the shine still remained! This company is based in Australia, so i you haven't yet heard of them, that's why. I fell so deeply in love with this product (and with information from my friend Krys) decided to check out their other products and their VIP club. This company offers so much and i promise in the up coming months you will be hearing so much more about this company from me. I have about 4 packages coming in! This product is worth $35 dollars (the bag was only $10!!)

The Balm -Whats Your Type -Body Builder- Black Mascara-
This mascara really did add "body" to my eye lashes. It was a noticeable difference but did not look over done, overly dramatic, or like false lashes. It simply added some opmh to my normal lashes which is great for normal application. I usually like a lot of drama for my lashes, but am not that great at the false lashes, this is a good medium between natural and false. It wasn't clumpy or heavy.

Coastal Scents-
At any other time i probably would have thought this sample was awesome, however, right before i received my Ipsy bag i received an order from Coastal Scents which had one of these for free. This let me know that these were a free item from Coastal Scents, and while they have worth made me feel like it was just a cheap add in. None the less, i loved these colors because they aren't what i normally wear. I am daring when it comes to cosmetics but red is one of those colors i use sparingly. This quad goes well together a creamy shimmer white, a matte red, a shimmer brown gold, and a red copper shimmer. These colors make red work on a dramatic and just everyday way. These had great pigmentation and minimal fall out. If you like these shades i suggest you check out their 88 color palettes or their matte and shimmer palettes.

Be a Bombshell liner in Onyx-
This liner was so easy to use. The applicator is a thick and looks like a felt tip pen. Glides on easy, and is a little bit thicker when applied than shown in the picture. This is great for a dramatic wing tip, thin line, or thick line. You can also get creative with this liner. If you are new to liners this might be a good choice because of precision you can achieve using it verses a liquid liner with a brush.

Couture Color - Pequi Oil Treatment-
I have been using different hair oils for a while now such as Argan Oil, Macadamia Oil, and even Moroccan Oil, and i have loved what each product has done. This product is no different. It made my hair shiny and soft. My hair is prone to being greasy at the roots so i only put a little bit on my hands and rubbed through my hair as to not deposit too much in one area. It is great to sleek down frizz at the top of your head. and i like to apply it to my ends before bed to help my dry ends to feel soft by morning but not look greasy. I think this would be a great product for those with curly hair.

Do you want a makeup bag filled with makeup sent to your door every month? Well sign up for Ipsy and receive fantastic new makeup products and a makeup bag every month for only 10 dollars!

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