Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beauty Army June Box

Beauty Army is a monthy subscription service that allows you to pick 6 samples out of 9  for 12 dollars a month shipping included. The shipping is fast and  the box your products are in can be used to store makeup in and is reusable (I love this!).

Outer Box

Inner Box

Welcome Note
Box of samples

Isn't this the cutest reusable box you've ever seen?

So the products I choose this month are the following:

Young Blood mineral primer-
this has to be the smoothest primer ive used in a while, however, because it is made of oil I wouldn't want to apply it to more than just my eyelids since i am prone to acne. I do recommend this product over other products, though, because it is natural.

Juicy Jewel-
kind of smelled like air freshener when i first sprayed it on my skin. It mellowed out after a while to a flower scent.

Pink sugar by Aqualina-
I actually own the full size version of this product and have for years. This is one of the best smelling perfumes, sugary, like cotton candy, and I always get compliments from men. Every girl should have this scent in her collection.

Atzen Renew Eye and Lip Emulsion-
felt great on my lips, exfoliated them, and really prepared my lips for my favorite light colored, opaque lipsticks. The only thing I didn't like was how it tasted when a tiny bit got in my mouth.

Bisame Crimson Rouge for Rosy Cheeks and Lips-
I really like this product. I think I would use it more for my lips but I did like how rosy it made my cheeks look. It looks natural and feels nice on the skin.

Leaves just a tint on the skin

Eye candy eye coolers-
I was very excited when i saw this as an option. These are worth $12 dollars on their own, so choosing these made my box more than worth it. After chilling these eye candy eye coolers in ice water and placing them on my eyes I felt so good. I used these while I was sick and they made me feel instantly rejuvenated, and my eyes looked less puffy. If they can help while I'm sick I can only imagine how good these will feel when I feel better.

 I completely recommend this subscription service. Unlike the others you get to choose your products. While it does take the surprise out of it, at least you know what your paying for! So if this sounds like something you want to try sign up here!

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