Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Covergirl Blastflipstick Lipstick in Stunner, Minx, Tease, and Flashy

With all the raving ive been doing i thought id mix things up and tell you guys about a product i absolutely hate. A product i wanted to like, thought i would like, but disappointed me in every way a product can disappoint.

Covergirl's Blastflip Lipsticks are two in one bendable lipsticks. Colors ranging from bright gold to shimmery purple. Sounds awesome right? Untill you take into account that they are drying, burn sensitive skin, dye the skin, and are way too soft in texture (this last statement may be a little bias). Not to mention the advertisements were not incredibly accurate. I looked forward to creating the ombre lip look of gold and red as shown in the advertisement, however, the lipstick is too soft to stay separate for more than a minute. It was also advertised that when combine the two shades will make a new shade or a different shade, yet most times there was no change. When retracting the lipstick it does not go all the way down so you have to be very careful closing these or you will nick the side of the lipstick. If left on the lips for more than 10 minutes your lips will be dyed. 

L-R (Sheer, bold, mixed) Flashy, Tease, Minx, Stunner

L-R (Sheer, bold, mixed) Flashy, Tease, Minx, Stunner
As you can see Minx and stunner have minimal change, whereas flashy and tase only have a bit of frost added.

Compare with advertisement:

I could only recreate the orange gold one with the actual products.

I like the colors, i like the idea, i just wish it lived up to its promises and didn't have so many negative draw backs.

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