Friday, July 13, 2012

Lasting Finish By Kate for Rimmel London + Wet N Wild Mega Last Salon Nail Color Review

I just couldn't help myself today. While waiting to fill a prescription for my son i had to check out the Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick. I have been hearing great things about it and wanted to see what all the hype was about. Well to say the least a lot of the colors were very similar to each other but two stood out to me- shade 15 and shade 06.

On a trip, Lasting Finish by Kate  15, 06, I need a refresh-mint, Candy-licous
Lasting Finish by Kate 15  and 06

Shade 15 looks like a shadowy  gray/purple in the tube. When applied its a shimmery purple. The shade is a dark plum. I don't find it all that flattering on the lips. According to Rimmel London this color is supposed to be applied over or under another color to intensify or mute the other color. I think this would look great under some of my lighter purples to mute them a little for fall. The smell of this lipstick is fantastic. It smells somewhat like candy and reminds me of childhood. I thought that was a very cute touch. I love when a company pays attention to the details.

Lasting Finish by Kate 15

Lasting Finish by Kate 15

In bright sunlight Lasting Finish by Kate color 15

In a light sunlight room, Lasting Finish by Kate color 15. Left my lips looking thinner.

As for shade 06. This is a coral-ish pink. It is very pigmented. It goes on smooth, and ive been wearing it for about 4 hours without any fading or drying. I love the color payoff and the color itself. It comes off very bright on the lips and also has a nice candy-ish scent. The tubes on these lipsticks are also very classy, matte black with Kate's signature. For $6 these lipsticks seem worth it.

Lasting Finish by Kate color 06

Lasting Finish by Kate 06 over 15. I am not sure i like this color muted. I like the bright version better.

Lasting Finish by Kate 15 over 06 I like the purple tone 15 gives 06.

Another few items i picked up today are Wet N Wild's Megalast Salon Nail Color. I choose colors that i refer to as "in the 80's family". These pastel colors remind me of the 80s/early 90's and leave me nostalgic. It also doesn't hurt that they are super opaque, only require one coat, have a flat brush for easy coverage, and dry fast. For $1.99 i have to say i am in love with these polishes. Their quality is worth much more than their selling price.

I Need A Refresh-mint, Candy-licous, On a Trip

Flat brush for even coverage

Side view of flat brush.

Swatches of Candy-licous, On a Trip and, I Need a Refresh-Mint


  1. You should totally try Wet N Wild fast dry. The colors are great also. I love "I Need a Refresh-Mint." I love green! I like your review of Kate. I read another one and it was no where near as elaborate as yours. Thank you! I might check out those polishes

    1. Thank you for the reccomendation. I will check those out. As for my review thank you for finding it more elaborate. I try to make it so that I explain every part of the product. I almost got the red red color. I think it's number 11 but then I decided not to I might go back and get it. I did order the dark purple off drugstore. Lol and I think 15 would look nice over a dark red.