Monday, July 9, 2012

Influenster Summer Beauty VoxBox 2012

Hey guys, today I'm going to be telling you guys about my Summer Beauty VoxBox. What's a VoxBox you ask? Well VoxBox's are box's that are sent out from Influenster that contain various products to be tested and reviewed. If this sounds like something you would like to do, then go sign up at, and start earning badges. The more badges you earn, the more likely you will receive a VoxBox.

Just a small disclaimer: All the opinions contained in this blog are my own, and i received these  products complimentary from Influenster to test and review.

Influenster Summer Beauty VoxBox 2012

Hawaiian tropic silk hydration lotion sunscreen SPF 30:
when opening this product the smell of coco butter was pretty strong. My significant other found it very unpleasant, I however loved the smell. I wouldn't recommend wearing perfume with this product because the scents may clash. I was impressed at how smooth it made my skin feel and that it is non greasy. Since it is also a sunscreen, skin is smooth and protected. This is great if you already have a light sun burn because it feels so soothing on the burn while protecting you from future burns. This product is water resistant for 80mins which is great for the beach, and the skin hydration lasts for 12 hours ( that's just fantastic!). Hawaiian tropic silk hydration lotion sun screen protects from UVA and UVB rays, and is available in 30 and 50 SPF. I will defiantly be buying the full size product.
Price: $9

Quaker soft baked bar in banana nut bread:
What caught my eye when I first saw this product was all the big bits of almonds on top of the bar. When iiopening it up it smells like a home baked good. It tastes just like banana bread but it is soft and chewy. The almonds add the perfect amount of crunch. These bars are 140 calories, 5 grams of fiber, 20% daily value of 5 B vitamins, and 6 grams of protein. Fat 3.5 grams and 26 grams of carbs. Overall it is a healthy breakfast bar, can be heated up, and great to have in your purse on the go. I already bought a box of these.
Price $3.29

Sally Hansen nails and cuticles hand Crème:
This product has a really nice and fresh lemon smell. It is super soft on the skin, and made my cuticles feel softer after just one use. This product is made with Shea butter and promises 24 hour moisture. I can say may hands felt softer for about 12 hours, through dish washing, and changing my son. It definitely prepared my hands for the manicure I was about to give myself.
Price: $6

Tampax And always radiant collection:
I have to say I love love love the little bag that these products came in, it can pass as a makeup bag if you are adamant about hiding your feminine care products. The always radiant infinity pad, while I don't have my period right now, seems really decent. It's seamless, offers 4xs the protection, and is a good size. The scent of the pad is also a pleasant one. The always radiant incredibly thin liners seem like they would go perfect on those days where you fear going through your tampon. It would offer that little bit of extra protection without being bulky. The two tampax radiant plastic tube tampons, are regular tampons with one extra advantage. These tampons have a resealable flap that allows you to dispose of your used tampon in the new tampon bag and close it up. It's more sanitary and less embarrassing. I am very happy about his product and will be purchasing it.
Price: Varies

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Ionic Indigo:
I have wanted to try this polish since I first heard about it and i am glad i finally got the chance. The way this nail polish works is you start out with a base coat of clear polish, then you add one thin coat of Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color and let that dry. Make sure you shake your bottle up good so that the magnetic particles are evenly spread. Now this has to be done nail by nail, each nail receives a thick coat, right after you finish the coat you hold the magnet over your nail for about 10 seconds. You do this for each nail and a pretty little design appears. I love that this is so different. I love how it goes from dark to light on the nail. I feel like this would be perfect for everyday wear and is subtle enough for even wearing to work (as compared to effect polishes such as crackle which doesn't always come off as professional looking). I look forward to buying the other colors from this line.
Price: $10



Clear Scalp & and Hair Therapy:
Let me just start off with this stuff smell amazing. Even before using this product i was already in love with it. This product promises stronger hair in just 7 days, while it hasn't been 7 days quite yet i have begun to see a difference in my hair. My hair is usually thin, weak, and pretty lifeless. I used this shampoo and conditioner just twice and things seem to be looking up for my hair. So if it can work on my terrible hair i am sure it will do wonders for you girls out there that have medium to good hair. I suggest that you apply the conditioner to your ends and work up to your roots so if you do have oily hair it only attacks the problem ends.
I look forward to buying the full sized product of this.
Price: $5-$6

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any question about any of these products feel free to leave a comment. =]

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  1. Absolutely love the magnetic nails polish! I tried the purple one at a target store. Lol