Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Black Radiance Eye Shadow Quartet in Prismatic Pearls Review

Let me start off by stating the obvious, Black Radiance is a cosmetics brand that is geared toward darker skinned women. While i am a light skinned Native American/Greek woman i still enjoy this brand because of its highly pigmented products and the range of products that differs from the typical brands geared at lighter skinned women. Every product i have ever bought from Black Radiance has delivered on quality and color. Some products are not suitable for me because of my lighter skin tone but the ones that are have always impressed me. With that little side note out of the way let me get on with my review of this fabulous palette.

Black Radiance has come out with a new line of palettes, these palettes are similar to their older palettes except the color selection is better and each color is not separated by from each other. By allowing all the colors to be in one box that allows the user to blend and create differnt shades right there in their palette. I havent really seen other compaies do this so before i went crazy and bought them all (i have my eye on you Vivid Imagination and Moroccan Mix) i fiqured id try a - cant go wrong- color. Now my skin tone has a mix of a brown and red undertone, and sometimes my skin comes off as olive. So this is the perfect palette for me. If your skin falls under those tones i suggest you check this palette out. For a more dramatic look check out Vivid Imagination or Retro Chic.

I love how their packaging has an uplifting message over the mirror. (This is on the plastic packaging not the actual mirror)

Colors range from pink to copper, purple and gold.

As for the application of this product, it is what the name implys. These colors are pearl colors but also very pigmented. So if your looking for a pearl shimmer this is not the color for you. You receive two applicators. One is a brush applicator (very unique!) and the other is the staple sponge applicator. I don't really like the little brush because i don't feel like it stands up to the makeup brushes i already own. (E.L.F. makeup brushes), but the sponge applicator is very soft and is good for blending.

Four tipped sponge applicator and mini brush.

Pink copper purple and gold no flash over primer

Pink copper purple and gold over primer with flash.

Pink used on the lid, copper in the crease, purple in the outer corner and gold under the brow.

I found these colors to bring out the Greek/meditation look in me.

You can purchase this Quartet here!


  1. I have never heard of this brand until now. The colors really suit you, especially with how you put them together. The blending is awesome.

    1. Really? They arent in every drugstore but when they are i always make sure to check them out. Its unfortunate but they always have these toward the back or kinda hidden unless your in a neighborhood that isnt white, sad but true. I hope you check them out and thank you for the compliment.