Friday, July 13, 2012

My Favorite Cosmetics of the Rinbow- Purple

Since i am such a fan of cosmetics of all colors i figured i would share with you all my favorites from every color of the rainbow. Traditionally the rainbow starts at red but i decided to switch things up a little and started at purple.

These are my favorite purple cosmetics ranging from lipstick, eye shadow, and even eyeliner. So i hope you enjoy my favorite picks!

My favorite purple nail polish is:
 Wet N Wild - On a Trip
I love this polish. It doesn't chip easily, its opaque, requires only one coat, and dries fast. The brush is wide so that you can cover your whole nail quickly. Its a bright pastel color, and i feel if your going to go for purple go for this purple!
Price: $1.99

My favorite purple eyeliner(s):
I couldn't pick just one so these are my top 4!
Favorite eyeliner stain:
Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in Purple- I just recently talked about this product in my July Birchbox review. This really is one of these best colored eyeliner stains, smudge proof, that i have seen in a long while. I love the smooth application, and the lasting power.
Price: $15
Favorite Luquid Eyeliner:
Lime Crime Liquid Liner in Orchidaceous-
While i have some gripes over the size vs. price (the size is a sample size being sold for the price of a full size product), i do love this eyeliner. It is a creamy opaque liquid liner that starts off kind of shimmery and dries matte. It is a highly pigmented color so you don't need much more than just this liner over shadow. You do have to wait for it to completely dry but once it does it stays put all day.
Price: $13.99
Favorite Pencil Liner:
NYC Showtime Glitter Liner in Paparazzi Purple-
I love how glittery this liner is! It goes on smooth and does not tug at the eye lid, it is a deep purple so it is dark enough to outline your eyes but also adds that bit of color. It is highly pigmented so you wont have to go over the line you make, only one swipe required.
Price: $2.50

Top to bottom- Lime Crime Orchidaceous, NYC showtime glitter liner in paparazzi purple, and Eyeko in purple

No Flash : Top to bottom- Eyeko Skinny liner in Purple, Lime Crime Orchidaceous, NYC Paparazzi Purple, and HIP eggplant.
With Flash- T- B Eyeko Skinny Liner in Purple, Lime Crime Orchidaceous, NYC Paparazzi Purple and HIP Eggplant

Favorite Cream Eyeliner:
 L'Oreal H.I.P Color Truth Cream Eyeliner in Eggplant-
This is a very pigmented liner. Since it is cream you apply it with an eyeliner brush. It can make for very dramatic cat eye, or just a simple line. I love the application and the staying power of this cream liner.
Price: $10

Favorite Purple Palettes:
I have two!

This is my favorite purple palette ever. The bottom color is your base but i use it as a lid color, to the left is your base color (i use as a crease color) , to the right is your outer corner, the V shaped color above these three is your liner, and the shiny silver color is to put over the other colors to make it glitter. I find putting it over the other colors ineffective and i use it as a high lighter. I find the effect of a glittery under brow to look fantastic! Even if you choose not to do base, lid, crease, liner, high light, these colors are great on their own and there is plenty of each color that you can create your own look!
Price: $10.99

L-R Lid, Base, Corner, Liner, Glitter Highlighter

My second favorite palette is:
You get one shimmery yellow shadow and one purple matte shadow. These are complimentary colors and when used together create a very dramatic and beautiful effect. By placing the yellow color on the inner corner of your eyelid and working it to the middle followed by applying the matte purple from the middle of the eyelid out to your outter  eyelid (following the line of your brow to create a wing effect) you can create a blending look that almost resembles butterfly wings. Use a soft sponge applicator or soft blending brush to blend at the middle and always use a primer for all day wear. 
Price: $7.99

Blending on hand using soft sponge applicator. The shadow is applied over primer.

 My Favorite Purple stand alone shadows are:
M.A.C- Melton Mauve-
This shadow is a matte color, it lasts all do, it is smooth, and highly pigmented. It is a little on the pink side but still purple enough to make it in the purple category. This product is a little higher end than the drugstore makeup listed above but is is worth it. I do believe MAC has discontinued this color but it is still available on sites like eBay.
Price: Varies

Over primer.

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Fishnet-
I have to start by saying i got this years ago and i still have plenty left after heavy use, so if you do pick this up it will be in your collection for quite a while. I love the packaging on this product and the little mirror is helpful. The color is a medium purple with a little bit of iridescence to it.  Used over primer it will last all day and is very easy to blend with other colors.
Price: $18

Urban Decay Asphyxia-
I love this light purple and i love the packaging. This is also slightly iridescent and is somewhat sheer. Using over a primer fixes the  sheer problem. I love blending this color with fishnet which i mentioned above. While urban decay products can be on the pricey side they do give good color pay off and last a very long time. These two were bought in 2006, and 6 years later they are still in perfect condition with plenty left.
Price: $17

No Flash- Asphyxia above, fishnet below.

With Flash- Asphyxia above, fishnet below. This picture really shows off the little iridescence these colors have.

 My Favorite Purple Pigments:
Jesses Girl- Eye Dust in Ultra Violet
This is a brand i found in Rite Aid a couple of years ago, and while ive tried high end pigments i keep coming back to this brand. Its inexpensive, the color pay off is amazing. It is highly pigmented and when applied over primer will last all day. I love how it sparkles too! 
Price: $4.99

My Favorite Mineral Purple Pigment:
E.L.F.Mineral Eyeshadow in Flirty-
This is a fantasitc  mineral pigment. It is very similar to the color listed above but since it is a mineral eyeshadow it goes on very smooth. This color is very opaque and will last all day over primer. I love using this color to blend or over matte purple shadows to add a bit of shimmer.
Price: $3

ELF Flirty above, Jesses Girl Ultra Violet below.

Favorite Purple Glitter Shadow:
Medusa's Makeup in Electric Purple-
Let me start off by saying this brand doesn't get as much attention as it should. Their pigments, shadows, liners, glosses, and mascara are all amazing, and will be featured in future blog posts. This color has micro silver glitter in it, and is a matte purple color. This color pops on its own but when applied over primer it looks so dramatic. I recommend this color to anyone who loves daring shadows, and isn't afraid of very bright, highly pigmented color. If applied without primer it can appear lighter for a less dramatic look.
Price: $8 (Look out for their manic Monday sales where you can sang 5 products for 5 dollars each!)

Applied over primer with flash

Applied over primer without flash.

As for purple lipstick please refer to my blog entry here because all purple lipsticks are my favorite!
For purple lip gloss please check out this post!


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