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Lime Crime Palette D'Antoinette Palette Aquataenia Cosmopop and Chinchilla Review and Swatches

Today i got my delivery from Lime Crime cosmetics and i so desperately wanted to rave about the products i received, but something always has to go wrong when i order from them. Let me start off by saying every one i know who ordered from them recently received a free small sample of Lime Crime's eyeshadow helper, guess who didn't receive one. Yep i didn't. Aside from that, i was very disappointed to get a palette with a broken eyeshadow. To be fair, i was contacted by customer service and they will exchange the item and reimburse me for shipping.

Shipping box

Shipping Box

Intro card and glitterysticker.

Palette D'Antoinette Palette Aquataenia Cosmopop and Chinchilla

Doe Deere's Quote
Aquataenia promotional card.

Promotional card for Aquataenia

As for the review, let me start by saying I love the attention to details. The shipping box with Doe Deere's quote on beauty, the envelope type packaging on the palettes, right down to the unicorn imprinted stamp. Its just too adorable and shows that this company is dedicated to giving you the experience of something magical, whimsical, and fun when you open your package. I appreciate that.

Palette boxes
Unicorn stamp detail on palette boxes.
Envelope design on palette boxes back and front.

As for the products themselves, aside from one busted up eye shadow I have to say I am pretty impressed at the quality, size, packaging, and application of these products. Id like to start with the newest addition to Lime Crime cosmetics which is Palette Aquataenia. Palette Aquataenia consists of five shadows that have a pearlesque shimmer to them as if to resemble scales under water with the light just gently hitting them. These shadows are called Nautilus Prime, Coral of the Story, Seahorse Discourse, Pearl-ple, and Atlanteal. I love how even the names of these colors go with their theme which is mermaid inspired and I find these shades are perfect for summer. I cant show you as much of them as I would have liked to due to my palette being broken during shipment, but I will share some swatches so you can get an idea of what to expect. Just a note, these shadows are very soft, so be very careful with them. As I always suggest, these would look best over a primer to help the colors pop. You can use a drugstore brand or if you would like to stay in the Lime Crime family you can check out their eye shadow helper here.
Price per palette: $34

Opening the palette envelope.

Outer case of palette

Black of Palette with colors and name of palette listed.

Nautilus Prime, Coral of the Story, Seahorse Discourse, Pearl-ple, and Atlanteal
Nautilus Prime, Coral of the Story, Seahorse Discourse, Pearl-ple, and Atlanteal. Taken with flash. I feel this really shows how pearl like these colors are.

Nautilus Prime, Coral of the Story, Seahorse Discourse, Pearl-ple, and Atlanteal. Taken without flash

The second palette that I ordered is the Palette D'Antoinette which is supposed to resemble Queen Marie Antoinette's iconic style. I find it to represent more of the modern image of Queen Marie Antoinette; the image that comes to mind is Kristen Dunst in the 2006 movie. (makeup artist Francoise Chapuis-Asselin).
Regardless of which Marie Antoinette inspired this palette, it is beautiful. The first four colors are matte and a little chalky (but not in a bad way!) They apply easily and smoothly. They are very pigmented as well. These colors all compliment each other so you can use one or use many and blend them together on the eyelid. The last color is a silver metallic shadow that just brings this whole palette together. I think the silver would make a great inner corner color to off set the pastels or even as an under the brow high lighter. The names of these colors are Royal Flush, Absinthe, Macrooned, Ribbonesque, and Mercurious. I love the French/Antoinette inspired names that these shadows are given. It is so suiting. 
Price: $34

Royal Flush, Absinthe, Macrooned, Ribbonesque, and Mercurious

Back of palette Royal Flush, Absinthe, Macrooned, Ribbonesque, and Mercurious
Mercurious, Royal Flush, Absinthe, Macrooned, Ribbonesque, taken without flash

Mercurious, Royal Flush, Absinthe, Macrooned, Ribbonesque, taken with flash

Along with the palettes mentioned above i decided to purchase two lipsticks which i thought would compliment the above palettes, while i wasn't able to create a full look (will be added in the future), i was able to do some swatches.

Two lipstick boxes

Just like their shipping box and palettes their lipsticks are uniquely packaged. While some people may find this packaging immature, I love it. Each purple tube is adorned with a holographic unicorn and stars! (These will always remind me of MAC's Heatherette collection seen here)

Sparkly purple lipstick tubes

This is a gray lipstick with a lilac undertone. I bought it more for its lilac undertone and I wasn't disappointed. I find it to be a little darker than D'Lilac and more flattering on the lips if you are light skinned. I liked how it covered my lips evenly and opaquely. Since it is a little darker than D'Lilac it is a little more forgiving on lip flaws. As always I love the sweet vanilla scent that these lipsticks have. The scent is not overpowering but it is noticeable even when just opening the cap. if you own MAC lipsticks then you know what scent I am referring to; both companies use the same scent.

Price: $16


Chinchilla without flash

Chinchilla with flash

D'Lilac compared to Chinchilla 

This is a bright orange, opaque lipstick with a yellow undertone. It applies smoothly, is highly pigmented, and opaque. On some skin tones it may come off as a nude, on others it will be super bights, so remember that this is a super opaque color and will come out on your lips the same color as you see in the tube. I suggest that you exfoliate your lips gently with a soft tooth brush and some salt before applying it since it is very light and can be unforgiving of imperfections.
Price: $16


Cosmopop with flash

Cosmopop without flash.

I hope you have found this review useful and that my swatches have helped you. If you like what you see please subscribe or leave a comment below.
Thanks =]

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